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Kinzoku Kishidan (Krome)
The Uncle of Kori and Kaen Kishidan, Kinzoku is a retired War-Hero who was critically injured in the line of duty, he was given a new body with augments, his body appears human but he can Super Activate which spawns his heavy Power Armor body which gives him immense strength and weapons like cannons, chainguns, blades, chainsaw, missile launchers, jackhammer fists and jet-pack to fly

Unfortunately for him his augments feel as uncomfortable as many other people with augments and he requires a medicine to cope, unlike Raiu who can handle her augments so naturally Kinzoku has a hard time coping but has gotten use to it for years, receiving upgrades there and now, but still requires medicine to handle his augs 

After Kori lost her Mother by the Tesshin Lord Daedalus, Kinzoku saved and took her in raising her and trying to make her avoid the life of an Agent and and live a normal life, sadly she eventually found out about her family heritage along with her boyfriend Ryu, upset she became Nanoknight and is now helping the rest worried he my lose her too

He is really upset that Kaen who was now Scarlet Dragon is with the Tesshin and though he calls her a traitor he still cares for his niece and will attempt to save her if he can, he helps Kori and the rest of her team save Vita and fight back the Tesshin

 War is not video game, it is the time whether fate chooses for you to live or die

No Helmet
Asha (Blade Demon)
The Apprentice of Scarlet Dragon, Asha's life was saved by her as a child when her and her race in her village was invaded, after her race was saved by Scarlet who killed the Agents of Vita when they were corrupt, Asha greatly admired her and wanted to stay with her, thanks to her Mother teaching her different chemicals and drugs, Asha can make powerful medicines, particularly 1 that suppressed the pain of Scarlet's broken body during her serious condition

She became Scarlet's Apprentice at the age of 11 and was raised by her to her adult years becoming efficient in combat, unlike other Harrowings Asha does not possess Vectors, so she uses mechanical arm blades that move at high speed, they come out from her back, hips and arms

She also has blade boots for her cutting kicks, she is excellent in doing so being both agile and strong, her knowledge of medicinal ingredients has made her efficient in making poisons and toxins, which she infuses to her needle gauntlet, she fatally poison, stun, paralyse or even make someone hallucinate, she even possessed an Aphrodisiac which she use on Kori during her torture with the Tesshin after her capture

Asha loves Scarlet a lot, although she will not admit it, she will do anything she tell her to do, she helps her when she is in danger and will show no mercy to those who harm her, she cried when Scarlet died but was happy again when she was reincarnated in her new improved body, she currently helps Scarlet with 3 other Harrowing girls, Jiva, Rana, Neya along with Scarlet's General's Argus a being
made of energy and Roach, an alien that is like a muscular human-cockroach 

I live to serve my Lady Scarlet
Kaen Kishidan (Scarlet Dragon)
After being pushed to the edge and betrayed by many while fatally injured, Kaen Kishidan became a Tesshin and became known as Scarlet Dragon in the many Universes, being the older sister of Kori they have a hard time trying to kill each other being family, Scarlet is Half-Immortal but received her Tesshin side when she was critically injured, so she had to rely on a life-support mask that helps her breath and suppresses her pain

During her battle with Kori the last time they are both critically injured and Scarlet threatens to kill her and the others by self-destructing her ship, however she is stopped by the Ancient Spirits of Sions that was released by Kori's boyfriend Ryu Honorblade, they cause her to go completely brain dead and she falls in the vacuum of space, her body is found by Aeran and the Shadow, she was presumed dead for a while

However through her rage and ambition she came back to life and burst from her old broken body reborn into her human-dragon body, because her Kamigami abilities represents a Dragon she starts appearing more like 1 after her reincarnation, she becomes more ruthless and cold, promising to takeover the world of Vita and the entire Galaxy, she is much more powerful and godly, even able to breath fire that can melt nearly anything, 

She wears a mask but for intimidation as her fatal condition is long gone, being a former Agent of Vita she i extremely skilled and her Kamigami abilities make her even more dangerous, she still cares for her daughter Hikari and still partially cares for Kori will try and kill her still

She is proud that Raiu has become more skill even without her training since she was her Mentor, but not happy she is not on her side, she hates Ryu for summoning the Sions on her and has sworn to end his life

Scarlet Dragon:
 All who try and stop me will perish

No Mask


Star Wars Party Hard Icon I CAN FINALLY REST EASY AND CARRY ON DOING MY THING IN PEACE!Party Hard and Spazzing Joon 

I'm going to try and reply to you guys more, it's been hard but I've gotten through it, I am not doing that shit ever again!

Homer Dance Icon Homer middle finger Icon IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!Homer Simpson Party Hard Gif Icon Crazy 

Ikari Akuma (Molten Fist)
Daughter of the God of Wrath Moyasu Akuma making Ikari part-Goddess and part-Harrowing, she lives on Planet Seishin and after her graduation and many achievements she is a known and famous person of Seishin owning her own military and organisation being known as Molten Fist

She is very intelligent as she has passed many exams and tests, her training in the military and Olympics has helped her physical attributes, thanks to her Goddess side she possesses a great amount of strength where she can devastate a whole huge mountain with 1 light punch and she can withstand powerful attacks that can destroy a planet, she is very agile being excellent in Gymnastics and yoga

She is very known that she appears i  commercials and makes a speech to the people, in her childhood she was antisocial and got violent with anyone she encountered, that is until she met Kori when she was on a Holiday in Seishin with her family

They fought and she was defeated, however Kori wanted to be her friend and they played around til Kori had to go back home, she fell in love with Kori and wanted to be someone better so she may 1 day marry her when they met again as adults, after that she used that encouragement to do well in her education and training, she became stronger and very smart, although she is still obsessed with Kori

She isn't exactly happy Kori is with Ryu Honorblade as seeks to outdo him to win over Kori, she finds Koguma adorable and plays with him a lot as she has a soft spot for cute things, she whispers to him sometimes saying that 1 day his older sister will be her bride

 I fight for Seishin...and my future wife Kori!

No Markings


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Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist, a watcher and a gamer

Not as active as I use to be but I'm still alive, though still very unhealthy

I've also got a Tumblr Account-

I do RP but only in my spare time or when I feel slightly better since I'm sick a lot


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-the door behind Aiko opens and a butler with black hair tied into a short ponytail enters holding a tray of tea-

???: your tea is prepared master Alfred 

Alfred: thank you V-Victor -looks toward Aiko- t-this is Victor Blair o-our family butler 

Victor: -shows Aiko a pleasant smile- good evening madam I trust you are well. 
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