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Nerissa Gladium By BiblyTerror by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Nerissa Gladium By BiblyTerror :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 28 7
MRKZ Chapter 7 Lesson Of Wrath

{back at the village near the Arcus Farm}
Zalick: {in the marketplace} Hmm I'll take these nails and these pegs
Shopkeeper: That will be 100 Lien
Zalick: {gives the money}
????: {mysterious man wearing a cloak}
Zalick: {feels his presence} Hmm...{walks off}...{walks in an alleyway}...Ok that is far enough, who are you?! 
????: {dashes & disappears} 
Zalick: Hmm {looks around searching}
????: {appears behind him in the darkness}
Zalick: {swings a punch} Rrrr!
????: {dodges & leaps back}
Zalick: Rrr! {keeps striking him} 
????: {spins & dodges} Hmm
Zalick: {dashes behind him & strikes} Rrrrrr!
????: {catches his hand bending his arm back} Hm
Zalick: What?! {leaps back} 
????: {disappears} 
Zalick: Wha-where'd he go?! 
????: {pats his back}
Zalick: Huh? {turns around}
????: {flicks his finger on him} Heh
Zalick: {surprisingly it knocks him far away} Urgh! {breaks through a shop rooftop} Argh! 
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 8 0
MRKZ Chapter 6 The Titans

Reikon: {playing video games on his screen wearing a headset} Grrr take that you bimbo! Haha! I'm killing ya! Take it! 
Solstice: {walks to his desk} Rei pack your things we're going
Reikon: Pow! Grimm dung for life for you man! 
Solstice: Rei! Will you listen?! {pulls off his headset}
Reikon: What?! What is it?
Solstice: We're going to Vacuo, where's Nichi?
Reikon: At the Organic Weapons Plant, lucky her
Solstice: She's coming too...Rei who's pocket-watch is that?
Reikon: Umm my great...grandpa's...Uncle's?
Solstice:...It's the Captain's isn't it?
Solstice: Dammit man! What did I tell about stealing from here, especially from the Captain?! 
Reikon: Oh relax he won't notice
Ataur: {from his office} Ganbaruuuuuu!
Reikon:...Vacuo right? 
Solstice: Yep
Reikon: Let's go {grabs his bag & runs}
Solstice: {sighs & runs with him} 
{nearby Vacuo}
Schnitter: {wearing a cloak} Hmm {sniffs} he was here, search th
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 9 0
MRKZ Chapter 5 Manhunt

{at the Prince Mansion}
Pasu: {on the balcony}
Belle: Still gloomy?
Pasu:...Was it right of me Belle, to take away what makes her happy
Belle: Well it wasn't making smile now, you did what you had to for her safety, to not lose our daughter
Pasu: I blame that idiot Laark, the little 1, I was mad enough they had a relationship but for her sake I tolerated it
Belle: Did you actually use a flamethrower on him for that?
Pasu: You know how I am with people flirting with her, now someone with her pisses me off, now I was ok at 1st after awhile but now the dog had the audacity to break her heart
Belle: I'm sure Ricky didn't mean to hurt her, him and Max has had it rough in the past
Pasu: I know, the Grizzly Huntsman and the Thunder Wolf, 2 of Atlas's best before they were presumed dead, when I found them they tried living a normal life, I saw they struggled, so I recruited them to do what they do best
Kalista: {uses her fly drone to hear what they saying w
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 7 82
MRKZ Chapter 4 Mad Blood

{6 Months since the Fall of Beacon in a Farm}
Zalick: {looks human as his hair is brown & his skin is normal flesh while his hoodie is blue} Hmm...
Cyan's Dad: Grrr! Come on you stupid tractor! {tries to lift it out}
Zalick: Oh I got it Mr Arcus! {runs & lifts it into the air}
Cyan's Dad: Heh, Zal you are a God among man and a life-saver
Zalick: I can crop the fields for you
Cyan's Dad: Come on, I gotta do my part too, but thanks anyway {look at his watch} ah geez, my show is coming up...umm Zalick?
Zalick: It's ok Mr Arcus, I got this
Cyan's Dad: Thanks son, I appreciate it {walks off}
Zalick: Hm {breaks off the huge cropper behind the tractor lifting it with ease then drags it through the fields running} Phew, easy 
Maid: Mr Kojirra, Mr Carnation wants to speak to you
Zalick: Oh, thanks Mary {goes in & answers the phone} Adam, good to hear from you
Adam: Hey Zal, how are you holdin up? 
Zalick: Doing well actually, I've been
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 7 0
MRKZ Chapter 3 The Lost Champion

????: {man's voice} It was suppose to me that was going to be the Champion! I should have ended up as the Champion of the Beebals
{3 weeks after the Fall of Beacon at sea where a storm struck}
Zalick: {badly injured with a bolt stuck to his heart gasping as he grabs on a log to float} Aaargh! {choking} 
{memories of someone's voice}
????: I wish you were never born Zalick, you took away what was important to me!
{back to reality}
Zalick: {struggling to hang on as the bolt in his chest causes pain}
????: This bolt was made just for you little brother, I'm impressed you held out even with that bolt in you stomach, you nearly had me there...but you can't do it can you? You can't kill me 
Zalick: Gargh! {loses grip as he drowns} 
????: Look at your school here little brother, look how greedy the humans and faunas can be, yet you still care for them, well like your school, you will fall too {crossbow can be hear
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 5 0
MRKZ Chapter 2 The Bear And The Wolf

{5 Days before meeting Maxy at the Black Claw Island Base}
Black Claw Assassin: {female in black tied up to a tree wakes up} Uuuuh...huh? Where...where am I?
Ricky: {sitting on a pile of dead bodies that were Black Claw Assassins while eating a sandwich} Mmm, sometimes when you kill you get really hungry
Black Claw Assassin: Grrrgh! {struggles & tries getting out}
Ricky: Now be straight with me, what are doing in our house in Vale and also how did where we live, tell me and I promise you won't turn into a human banana peel {takes another bite on the sandwich}...go on
Black Claw Assassin: Like I would tell you anything heretic! 
Ricky: You know you're guy here said that before slit his throat {picks out 1 of the dead assassins waving his hand about} you see? 
Black Claw Assassin: {looks nervous} I would rather die than tell you anything! 
Ricky: {sighs as he gets his blade out} Typical femme fatales
Black Claw Assassin: That is sex
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 5 2
MRKZ Chapter 1 The Grizzly Huntsman's Return

{6 Months after the Fall of Beacon on an unknown island a secret base was on fire after a rampage}
Maxy: Rrrrrr! {slashes away a black armored knight with his staff while bloodied} 
Black Knight: Daargh! {breaks through a pillar sliding on the ground}...fool...heretic...I thought you Huntsmen hunted down Grimms!
Maxy: {breathing heavily wiping the blood off his lip} I'm no Huntsman, nor an Agent, I am here to end a corruption that hasn't died out! And like your "brothers" {drops an odd knife} I'm gonna make sure all of you die!
Black Knight: Hmhmhm...fool...we all thought you were dead Grizzly Huntsman...but now that we know you're alive that changes things! Ahahahaha! Everywhere you go, whenever you sleep or eat we will be there, we'll find you and make you suffer, we'll kill everyone close to you, your family and friends! {throws a chain blade at him} 
Maxy: {catches it between his fingers}...Find me? No, 6 months I haven't slept or eate
:icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 8 2
Farewell...Julius by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Farewell...Julius :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 3 6 Time to leave by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Time to leave :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 3 0 Julius... by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Julius... :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 3 0 The Former Blood Captain's departure by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone The Former Blood Captain's departure :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 1 0 Heartfelt wish by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Heartfelt wish :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 2 0 Where are we? by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Where are we? :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 2 0 Let's end this together by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone Let's end this together :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 3 0 It's getting worse! by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone It's getting worse! :icondevil-wolf-cyclone:Devil-Wolf-Cyclone 2 0


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Image by Devil-Wolf-Cyclone
I am getting a laptop tomorrow and be able to do Art again, woooo! After so long! 

I'll try to reply the best I can to you guys...
Been getting a lot of headaches and migraines lately, feeling kinda weak too, I think my legs have finally given out from my weight, they feel like they're going to break, I have not taken proper care of myself and feel crap, I'll probably going to the hospital

Don't worry it isn't Cancer or any life-threatening problem (I hope) I'm just unhealthy, I need to fix my life up a bit so if I don't reply to you any of you guys let's say 3 or 4 weeks then my health has gone really bad but if it's just a day or 2 then that means I'm just taking long rests because I randomly love to take a nap and get my strength back, so I am going to keep replying, especially to you guys RPing with me 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi guys, Cyclone here and I love to RP!

I'm an artist (was anyway, now I don't have a PC or Laptop to use), a watcher and a gamer

Not as active as I use to be but I'm still alive, though still very unhealthy

I've also got a Tumblr Account-
Not important since I now repost other images

I do RP but only in my spare time or when I feel slightly better

I feel like an oldman, even 22 so Old Cyc is all you'll be getting til I get a PC or Laptop


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